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The SBH Center for Culinary Medicine and Teaching Kitchen aims to serve its community by providing healthy cooking classes that anyone can enjoy.

These affordable, hands-on cooking classes are open to everyone in the community. In class you will learn the foundations of healthy eating and how cook food that is both nutritious and delicious. The goal is that you will leave class feeling both empowered to improve your health and confident in your ability to create healthy meals that everyone will enjoy.

All of our recipes aim to be low in sodium and added sugars, which means they are ideal for anyone looking to manage health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease. Most of the recipes focus on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, fiber, and lean proteins – meaning they can be part of a healthy diet for almost anybody!

Classes are currently offered on weekdays in the morning, afternoon, and early evening to try and accommodate as many people as possible.


Community Cooking Classes:

Open to everyone aged 13 and older. Language: English and Spanish Cost: $5 Minimum guests: 4 Maximum guests: 16 Class duration: 2 hours Class Level: All Levels Online class registration closes 24 hours before the class is scheduled to start. You can always try to call for a last minute sign-up!

Wellness Classes

The SBH Teaching Kitchen has collaborated with the various residency program within SBH Health System to provide wellness-centered classes for its residents. The wellness classes will show participants how to prepare quick, easy, and nutritious meals that even a busy resident can make! These classes are also an opportunity for the residents to relax, have fun, and express their creative sides through cooking while learning about nutrition along the way. By providing our residents with hands-on cooking classes, we believe they will be able to pass the knowledge and skills they receive onto their patients. During class the participants will learn about…
    • Making foods with the intent to freeze them, so that there is always an easy meal option waiting in the freezer.
      • Example: make ahead breakfast sandwiches, which can be zapped in the microwave on a busy morning
    • Cross-utilization. Cross utilization is where one item will be used in multiple different recipes, which helps to cut down on prep time and number of ingredients that need to be purchased when grocery shopping.
      • Example: cooking a few pounds of chicken breast to be used in chicken salad, chipotle black bean soup, and Mediterranean wraps
    • Protein packed smoothies, and how to prep them ahead of time
      • Example: Golden milk smoothie, apple & peanut butter smoothie, green goddess smoothie
    • Healthy Snacks that keep you satisfied in-between meals
      • Example: baked pita chips with homemade hummus, baked tortilla chips with blender salsa, honey spiced nuts
    • One-Pot & One-Pan meals. These recipes make complete meals (protein, carbohydrate, & vegetables) all in one pot or pan in order to cut down on time spent prepping and cleaning.
      • Example: Roast chicken legs with potatoes & cauliflower, Hearty Lentil Stew
      If you are an SBH resident and want to take these classes, reach out to your residency director about scheduling a class with us. Not an SBH Resident but interested in taking a class like this? Let us know! We offer private events [hyperlink here to private event page] and can provide customized menus. For more information on booking a private event, email or call 718-960-9000 ext. 6093

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