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Learn how to prepare your favorite meals in a healthier and affordable way!

Chef Emily blends the art of cooking with the science of nutrition and medicine, providing an evidence-based approach to patient care.  Educating through a “food-first” approach, the center includes both beginner and intermediate classes, with students receiving lessons in nutrition as well as hands-on and online cooking classes. The classes help participants relate the skills they learn in class into their own cooking and eating habits at home. 

Beginners classes cover the basics, including how to hold a knife, cut an onion, read a recipe, and roast just about anything. “People often want to skip the beginner classes because they already know how to cook, but getting back to the basics can really help with speed and efficiency when cooking,” Chef Emily explains. “I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they’ve been cutting onions wrong their entire lives! They’re so happy to realize there is a much quicker and easier way to cut most produce.”

Intermediate classes build on the culinary nutrition principles learned during the beginner classes and focus on more advanced cooking techniques and recipes.  Students learn how to eat healthy and well by following recipes that use oil instead of lard, substituting brown for white rice, baking goods with whole grains, and relying on homemade seasoning blends to build flavor without going overboard on salt.

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